Recently, all owners in Earley Lake Office Park unanimously voted to purchase a vacant lot that was approved with the original Planned Unit Development Plan. We then added that vacant lot into our Common Area, and got an amendment to the original Planned Unit Development Plan to allow the Loft spaces to be used as Office space rather than just storage space.  By purchasing the vacant lot and adding it to our Common Area, the city agreed to allow us to occupy our lofts as office space, since the parking is now adequate for that purpose, and since no building will be built on that vacant lot that is now owned jointly.

This has improved the value of the properties within the park, since the owners may now lease the space they could not lease before!

As a result, several investors have purchased properties in the office park. We owe a debt of gratitude to one of the owners at the time, who came up with the idea to do this.

We want to express our thanks to Ray Brandt, the owner with that great idea. We’d also like to thank all the other owners who helped us all over the years to put us in the solid financial position to be able to make that achievement happen.