A property management company called Omega Management has been successfully guiding Earley Lake Office Park toward efficiency for five years now.  Omega’s proficiency in managing properties professionally for their amateur owners has led to a terrific success of both their company and the spaces they manage for the owners of those spaces.

Omega has grown exponentially since founder Dave Stendal created the amazing vision of company, which included continuing it successfully with the next generation of his family.  Many people have experience and have come to know the joys of home ownership, like painting and maintaining the house and yard that their family calls home, but fewer people get to enjoy owning their place of business, and the myriad of extra curricular study and focus that such an endeavor requires.  “We could not have gotten to where we are as a successful business park, without the steady guiding help of Omega”, says John Verby, a former owner of space at the park.